PortFolio III ( Ocean life )

beautiful Jelly Fish at Payar Island Langkawi Kedah

Beautiful Jelly Fish Pulau Payar Kedah
Beautiful Jelly Fish Pulau Payar Kedah


1cm size / Anemone shrimp at Mabul Island



when I'm working
when I’m working

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGambar ini telah saya tujukan khas buat NGO telekung Project yang sering membantu anak- anak susah, orang-orang susah dan sering juga melakukan pelbagai khidmat masyarakat di seluruh negara Malaysia amnya.  Mereka adalah cahaya yang menerangi kegelapan…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnemone shrimp size 2cm / Location : Mabul island

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABubble Shrimp size 2cm long : location Mabul Island

credit picture : Bahaman Hashim The legend no1 UW Photographer in MalaysiaCredit picture to : Bahaman Hashim “Legend UW Photography Malaysia “

WANT TO PRINT THIS PICTURE FOR YOUR KIDS or PERSONAL USED ? – Click here PhotoBook . All picture with copyright and not allowed for commercial used.

Hi my name is Zaidi also known as ‘ Scuba Jeff Ocean Traveller’. I am also a writer for Salam Traveler magazine and my writings are focused on scuba diving. My role is to help promote awareness projects on the conservation of ocean by Government agencies, private sector and also individuals. Breathtaking pictures of the ocean and marine life that you see will not exist in the future without great effort of conservation. Developments contribute to the destruction of the ocean. However, there are many efforts have been carried out to maintain the ocean especially the marine life. With that, I have provided pictures, that I have been given the chance to take, that portray the beauty of the ocean and marine life which is to be shared with my blog followers so that it can also be shared with their families, children, and friends as well. The pictures from my blog are for personal use and any form of publication is prohibited. In the spirit of donating to the awareness projects, appreciate a donation of RM1 or any sincere amount upon obtaining the pictures. I would like to emphasise that the donation is not compulsory since by only sharing the beauty of the ocean with children will make myself really proud so that the younger generation can fall in love and appreciate the ocean and marine life. For any donation, may it contribute to the use of the awareness projects that I participate in the future. MAYBANK ACCOUNT 160045281396 


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