PortFolio I ( Sea Gypsea )

Edit: 18 July 2016

“… Photography is not about competition ,win or lose. Photography is about sharing the feeling that you tell inside your picture. To be a good photographer you must know why you want to be photographer. It’s for photography winner or because of money or you sharing your story and beauty with others. if you understand is about satisfaction sharing the story in your picture you are professional . When you only thinking about win and competition you will never have time to be a photographer with love and soul….”

-scuba jeff

sea 1
sea 4


“… Sea Gypsea? Bajau laut? palauh? Those are the names referring to the same ethnic. This ethnic group occasionally move their ‘homes’ and usually near the waters of Sabah. It has been a great attraction to tourists in Mabul island when professional photographers see them as rare subjects for their shoot. Mabul island is ‘heaven’ for professional photographers as it always portrays its unique genuine authenticity of its people’s culture and lifestyle.

For me, the main purpose of photography is not its salary, however, its a way to share my love and passion. I am more interested to share the beauty with little children and teenagers so it would be understood and be a part in their lives. It has always been my dream to spread “We love nature”. I believe with sharing the beauty of the amazing under water life, it would (at least) sooth anger, spark love and also spread the love to the world and also among people….” – scuba Jeff





2 thoughts on “PortFolio I ( Sea Gypsea )

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Do you do underwater video shoot with your 5D MK2? How do you charge for UW footage.

    1. You mean the payment? Standard rate for rental full Rm3000 per day + Rm2000 for videographer per day ( 3 x diving ).
      2 unit Inon Strobe light
      4 unit Video light
      Full arm setting

      But I only charge for Rm1000 for photographer and Rm2000 for Full set camera full set. I will give you soft copy and also editing video. this price include picture and video.
      contact 0195855229 jeff or email scubajeffoperation@gmail.com

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